The Popularity of Online Gambling Explained

Gambling has always been a popular activity and people have enjoyed it since time immemorial. Even so, the sudden rise in the popularity of online gambling has taken industry watchers by storm. This business is growing at a very rapid pace, along with the spread of mobile devices, and gamblers can choose from a huge number of websites that offer their favourite games.


The business of online gambling is very interesting, especially the following facts.

  • The online gambling industry started when the first internet based casino was launched in 1995. Thousands of additional sites have been launched in the ensuing two decades. These sites feature a wide range of betting and gambling options such as casino games, slots, lotteries and even sports betting.
  • The revenue from internet gambling was almost $14 billion in its initial year of 2005 and revenues are expected to triple by the year 2015.

It is definitely worth pondering upon the reasons for the fast growing popularity of online gambling. The simplest reason could be that people love the convenience of being able to gamble on the internet without having to actually go to a casino. People who are too shy to visit a land based casino or too lazy to bother getting all dressed up or simply staying in a place that doesn’t have a casino nearby will definitely prefer gambling on the internet.

Online casinos also score very high because they offer a very wide range of games. In fact, the range of games offered in each category is also impressively high. Visitors to the casino can switch from one game to the other without any problem and without even having to move an inch. Internet based casinos also offer customers enticingly high bonuses and promotions since there is an immense amount of competition in this business. These bonuses are very popular since they allow people to gamble for longer. In fact, some sites even offer small bonuses just for downloading their software and even before a cash deposit is made. 

Online casinos do not have the glitz and glamour of land based ones and there aren’t any of the elements of fellowship. At the same time, people who don’t like noise and distractions of conventional casinos opt for these web based casinos because of the uninterrupted gambling they offer.

One of the biggest problems with online gambling is that people who are prone to addictions will have a tough time staying away from their favourite games. They can access these games easily and their credit cards are always within easy reach. In addition, it’s easy to get scammed at an online casino if one isn’t careful about signing up at a reliable and well-regulated one. Online fraud is a major problem across many industries but the best internet casinos make use of the latest encryption to ensure that all transactions are safe. All in all, online gambling is a wonderful pastime that can give hours of entertainment from the convenience of one’s home.