Wizard of Oz Ruby Slippers, WMA Biggest Hit Franchise

Wizard of Oz Ruby Slippers slot game is one of WMA’s biggest hit franchise. When the original ruby slippers game was released, players loved it for the fact that it captured the theme of the movies. The Yellow Brick Road has literally so much that it is impossible to cram in all of the potential symbols and features in just one game. This prompted the developer to revise the theme twice, with the addition of Wicked Riches and Ruby Slippers.



Wizard of Oz Ruby Slippers slot has kept things relatively simple for players by using the standard five reel grid and throwing in thirty win lines. Players will feel right at home with the symbols, which consists of all the usual characters like Scarecrow, Dorothy, Toto and more. Every spin of the reel provides a chance for a bonus win, but instead of the welcoming witch making her way across the reels, it is the ruby slippers. On appearing on the screen, between one and four reels will completely change to wild and the resulting win stands to be multiplied by up to four times their original value. 


Wizard of Oz Ruby Slippers from WMS is a movie throwback experience with 5 reels, 30 pay-line offering an unusual dichotomy of a gaming experience, featuring one of the biggest offerings of bonuses and simplest of presentations not found anywhere. If you are looking for a simple presentation but with a wide array of bonus features, then ruby slippers slot is a game for you. 


The game offers so many bonus features on hand. A standard wild symbol in the form of the hourglass is just the tip of the iceberg. And unlike other WMS slots, this game has a very advanced soundtrack. It uses samples of speech from the film together with a wonderful combination of audio palette that’s full of swishes and high string lines giving the ongoings a delightful sentimental feel. 


Looking at the base game, you’ve got a standard casino slot structure that plays over 30 pay-lines. Just like other WMS slots, you can increase the amount spend per line in pennies. This allows you to fine tune the amount you’re spending on every spin. 


When playing on the standard base-game in the Ruby Slippers, Glinda the Good Witch can appear at any time to grant you a magical reel feature that’s simply out of the ordinary. You will get notified about the coming of this bonus through the panel next to the spin button—it will turn into a little screen that plays an animation of Dorothy clicking her heels together three times. When it actually happens, this summons Glinda, who waves her magic wand to turn a number of reels completely wild, with the remaining standard reels locking into place. And before your final payout is calculated, Glinda appears again to grant you a multiplier that’s applied to your combination prizes, which could be as much as 10x. 


The Ruby Slippers Slot offers a big amount of bonuses, but it is not that easy to hit the big feature. The Glinda bonus can be one of the most lucrative parts of the game.